These terms and conditions apply to all those registered in the event. All reservations are accepted based on these Terms and Conditions and by making this reservation you understand and agree to be bound to them at all times.

CLAUSES: The organizers are allowed to change the schedule or invited artists in case of canceled flight, injury or illness. The organizers can not accept any responsibility for any claim, loss or damage that may occur due to their participation.

RETURNS: We can not refund your purchased pass for any reason. However you can sell your pass, keeping the role, level and time chosen, simply by notifying us by email as soon as possible who you have sold it to, so that we can update our registration. Prizes and invitations are personal and can not be transferred. If the organizers cancel the event, your payment will be refunded minus the management fees.

WAITING LIST: Access to the classes is not guaranteed if you sign up as a leader or follower. In case that a reasonable leader/follower ratio in the classes is not achived your pass(by order of inscription) will be changed to “Parties”, reimbursing you the difference. If you sign up as a couple your access to the classes is guaranteed.

IMAGE RIGHTS: Accepting these general conditions, I authorize the use of my personal image resulting from this event in order to capture the events of the event and publish it on the web, social networks and other media.