***** FRIDAY PARTY *****

SUGAR PUSH STREET BAND is a band from Lleida, born to spread and show the music of the New Orleans style that was played from the 20s.

It is formed by six members:
Jaume Aler (Trumpet)
Toni Coll (Clarineet)
Miguel Angel Delgado (Trombone)
Manu Moreno (Banjo and Guitar)
Leo Ferrer (Tuba and Double Bass)
Ignasi Nou (Battery and Washboard)

They have performed at Jazz Festivals, Jams, parties and events of Lindy Hop dancers, in the terraferma area.

They have a varied repertoire with different adjustable rhythms for all kinds of dance styles, from balboa, shag, lindy hop, and some blues … but the guys have passed this video playing at full speed (260bpm) “That’s a Plenty” … 😱
They say they will not play it to dance… hehe … would you dare? would you dare? 🐏🐊