Move something away from its vertical or perpendicular position, tilt. jump.
PINGO-LET-US is three parties with live music, national and international teachers, spectacular venues, fast lindy, jam circles, airsteps and chocolate! It is also the vindication of hopping as an essential part of the Lindy “Hop”.


Gran Hotel de Zaragoza (C / Joaquín Costa, 5). An emblematic building of rationalist style in the center of Zaragoza, witness of the main social events of the recent history of the city. Opened in 1929, it has welcomed guests such as Ernest Hemingway, Ava Gardner, Gina Lollobrigida or Walt Disney. We all said: “this place is beautiful, I wish we could dance here”. So yes, we will dance in the ROTONDA.
The classes will be at Pilar Torcal’s Dance School (C/ Luis Braille 26 ) with spacious rooms of natural wooden floor.


Sugar Push Street Band

New Orleans music style from the 20’s respecting the structure of the bands of those times. Trumpet, clarinet, trombone, banjo, tuba and washboard.

Mandarin Swing

Hot Swing! Manouche fusion, sax, clarinete, contrabass, guitar, percussion and piano that will make you move your feet. Lovers of Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw.

Patricia Calzado & Xavi Recuenco

Patri started with flamenco, tried out the Jazz and discovered the Swing! teaches with Xavi, who has been dancing Swing since the dance arrived in Spain, in Barcelona, competing internationally, but what he likes the most is social dancing and sharing his passion in Xaviswing .

Nora Locher & Dominik Knoll

They are spectacular, they have tried all kinds of dances and sports until finally the Lindy Hop found them. There was no turning back and dancing took over his daily life. They travel to dance, teach and compete. They have their own school SwingAUT in Vienna.


February, 22th to 24th 2019


Gran Hotel
21:00 a 02:00 taster and party with the Sugar Push Street Band


Pilar Torcal
10:00 a 11:30 Airsteps(optional)
11:30 a 14:00 Lindy Hop Classes
15:45 a 17:45 Practice with teachers(optional)
Gran Hotel
21:00 a 02:00 taster and party with Mandarin Swing


Pilar Torcal
11:30 a 14:00 Lindy Hop Classes
Gran Hotel
16:00 a 20:00 Carajillo Party with Mandarin Swing


Full Pass

119€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

5h of class | Three parties | Tasters
Live Music

Party Pass


41€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

Three parties | Tasters
Live music

Single Party

Friday or Saturday party

9€ Sunday evening

One party | Taster
Live Music

Airsteps included in any of the passes. 20% of discount for SwingON members, still not a member?


Maybe you still have some questions. Okay, let’s go with the most common ones:

Why "Hot Chocolate"?

Two are the reasons why this year’s edition is Hot Chocolate:
First, It’s the name of this soundie: and it wants to be a tribute to the roots of the Lindy Hop. The Whitey Lindy Hoppers, who listen on the radio, break into incredible dances. Choreographies: The Chase(1:22). Air Steps: Charleston Backflip(1:18), Frida Flip(1:20), Pancake(1:40, 2:03 and 2:31), Around the Back (2:10), Snatch(2:13), Over the Back(2:21), Tandem Charleston Front Flip(2:27), Monsters (2:33).
Second, it’s literal! You will end the party on Saturday with a chocolate. Hot Chocolate … here we call it, chocolate with churros. We are castizos! why not?

In what level do I sign up?

There is only one level. Although this is relative, at least one year of dancing is advised. It will work to dance fast music and jam circles. As far as possible, it will be divided, at the moment, into two classrooms, one with those who want to rotate and the other with those who do not.

Can I sign up for airsteps?

Yes, it is included in any of the passes. If you want to start in the air-steps, the tasters on Friday and Saturday are designed for that. If you already have experience, come to the air-steps class Saturday morning. Couples do NOT rotate in airsteps.

What is the practice with the teachers?

For the Full Pass and those who attend to the Airsteps class on Saturday morning, there will be two optional hours where you can go to practice and the teachers will be there to help and in case doubts arise. Conclusion: practice is the moment of being able to, not just dancing, but talking or asking questions. It’s a time to have those teachers close by.

Any hosting suggestion?

We have negociated for you:
– Gran Hotel (same place as parties) 72€/night double room, 92€/night triple room, 102€ junior suite, VAT(10%) not included. Just Call +34 976221901 and tell that you are comming to the event.
Sauce Hotel, 32 Espoz y Mina St. (800m distance from the parties) 58€/night double room, 48€/night double room single use, VAT and breakfast included. +34 976205050.

Other options:
– Young Hostel Baltasar Gracián
From 18,70€ (10% discount with hostel card)
Franco y López Street 4, 50005 Zaragoza +34 976716880 or

– Hostel and apartments La Bóveda