This 2018-08-23 has started the 11th International Lindy Hop Championsip on Washington, D.C. and 77 years from now, in 1941-08-23, the famous “A True National Folk Dance Has Been Born in U.S.A.” article on the LIFE Magazine where published. I wonder if this particular date is the reason why ILHC is started then. This is just a recopilation of pictures, not only of this edition but every edition that has nice air-step pictures in it. In chronological order we have no less than 7 editions! in diferent months from 36′ to 41′

1936-12-14 Article on the Savoy Ballroom(pg 64-68)

This high-swinging team (above), on the basis of the audience’s applause, has just been awarded one of the three Lindy Hop contest prizes and is now giving a special exhibition as an encore

1938-08-08 Article about the Jitterbug(pg 56-60)

Male Jitterbugs fling each other around at outdoor swing session on Randall’s Island. Socialite Jitterbugs at Madison Square Garden

1938-09-26 Patty Lacey and Ray Hirsch(pg 24)

Jitterbug Jamboree raises funds for Legion vistors

1940-07-08 Pop-over picture(pg 84)

At a recent church benefit held at Big George’s Taven in Corona, L.I., I snapped this shot of two Lindy Hop performers in action. The crowd was wide-eyed as the girl Lindy Hopper leaped high off the floor and almost touched the ceiling with her hand.

1940-10-07 One-legged Jitterbug Dancer(pg 10-11)

With little effort Jack Joyce is able to hurdle over his crutch depite the loss of his left leg

1941-01-16 An article featuring Harlem Congeroo(pg 49-50)

At climax of the Congeroo Ann is yanked off the floor by partner Franke. She is struggling in mid-air like a spider on a nail. Frankie sends her sliding under his legs on her handy patch. Ann satisfies her surpressed desire as congeroo ends

1941-08-23 The famous Lindy Hop Issue(pg 95-103)

Great pictures of Willie Mae Ricker & Leon James, Kaye Popp & Stanley Catron.

1941-09-15 Harvest Moon Ball(pg 9-11)

Article about the Harvest Moon Ball dance competition at Madison Square Garden, NYC, on August 27, 1941

List of LIFE articles for further reading:
1936-08-09 Big Apple Dance Craze(pg 22)
1936-12-14 Life Goes to a Party at the Savoy with the Boys and Girls of Harlem(pg 64-68) Highly recommended.
1936-12-28 Article about Lindy Hoppers(pg 30-31)
1937-11-01 Article on Big Apple and Shag(pg 124)
1937-12-20 Article on the Big Apple, Collegiate Shag(pg 29-32)
1938-08-08 Article about the Jitterbug(pg 56-60)
1938-09-26 Patty Lacey and Ray Hirsch(pg 24)
1940-07-08 Pop-Over(pg 84)
1940-10-07 One-legged Jitterbug Dancer Jack Joyce(pg 10-11)
1941-01-16 An article featuring Congeroo(pg 49-50)
1941-08-23 The Lindy Hop: A True National Folk Dance Has Been Born in U.S.A.(pg 95-103)
1941-09-15 Harvest Moon Ball dance competition(pg 9-11)
1947-04-28 Balboa Beach Dancing(pg 136-137)