Code of conduct

We’re glad to introduce new tips and ideas, to reflect deeply on our way of dancing and to build a safer and friendly environment: give you dance a twist!

1. Lead or follow. Choose your own role:

Remember: not every woman is a follower, neither every man is a leader!.
There’s no gender on the dance floor.

2. To dance is to listen and to care. To lead isn’t to command:

Dancing is about two people communicating: connection and eyes contact should be natural and mutual. Listening and respecting your dance partner is the key for a good connection.

3. Change rol, enjoy the most:

Dancing both roles enriches the social dance scene: look beyond the labels. Everyone could enjoy the most leading or following…or both!

4. You can decide to dance or not. An invitation is not an obligation:

Feel free to ask anyone to dance, but remember that everyone has the right to not join the dance.

5. Don’t invade the space of others on or off the dance floor. You’re not Napoleon, you’re a dancer:

Take too much space leads to an unnecessary risk of injury during the dance. Be careful with the person you’re dancing with and with the others around you. If you accidentally hit someone, apologize and make sure that nobody is hurt.

6. Your hands shouldn’t be where dancing doesn’t need:

Pay attention to where you’re touching your dance partner and if she or he feels uncomfortable. Of course we know that lindy hop requires contact, but if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with someone touching you, talk with the person or someone from the association.

7. You’re a star. Join the jam!!! Your level and role don’t matter:

Jams are open to everyone, no matter your level nor the role. The purpose of a jam isn’t to prove any kind of hierarchy. Join in and encourage others to do the same… just have fun!

8. While social dancing don’t come up with corrections, rather let it flow and have fun through improvisation:

Teaching is great, but be sure your partner really appreciates your tips. If someone misunderstands it’d be awkward.

9. NO JOKES: verbal and physical abuse is unacceptable. If you need our help just go ahead:

As swing dancers we do not tolerate any form of violence, and we’ll deal with it together. We encourage every victim of harassment to contact any member of the organization personally or by e-mail at

10. When a non-consent situation is witnessed, remember it’s always your business:

If we pay attention and make an effort to visibilize it, we can help to avoid any kind of harassment, abuse or assault. So, we’ll respectfully help any person who feels unsafe.

Don’t hesitate, react!

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