– 1981 In a social dance between competitions in New York organized by Mama Lou Parks Sandra Cameron and her husband Larry Schulz, champions of ballroom dancing, come to Al Minns, 61 years old Larry was impressed by his connection to music, as he had never seen before. Immediately he asked for private lessons, but the answer was that “I would have no idea how to teach it” and that “Nobody cares about this dance”. Larry’s answer was that “No, this dance should not die” and thanks to his insistence, he gives private classes and then twice a week to a group of enthusiasts at the “Sandra Cameron Dance Center” ” In New York. It is often said that it cost him a lot to convince him because he considered Lindy Hop a street dance and that it should not be taught in academies. The one that was taught in dance academies was something that amazed them and they had never even thought about it.
– 1982 to 1984 Erin Stevens and Steven Mitchell travel to New York, take their classes and teach what they learn back in California.

Erin & Steven picture in Hoppin’ Magazine 1995

– 1985 Al Minns dies of cancer.
– 1985 New York Swing Dance Society is created.
– 1986 In a famous conversation with Frankie Erin and Steven convince him to leave the retreat, continue where Al left him in Sandra Cameron’s studio.


– 1982 First dance camp in Herräng with 25 dancers, inviting John Clancy, and his wife, from New York. Ex-military and dance teacher from 40 to 60, teaching ballroom style.
– 1984 Al Mins goes to Herräng.
– 1985 Catrine Ljunggren and Lennart Westerlund along with others create the performance group The Rhythm Hot Shots .

Cat & Lennart dancing Lindy Hop in the 1990s

– 1989 Lennart invites Frankie to Herräng.

United Kingdom

– 1983 Tour in the United Kingdom of “Mama Lou Parks and her Traditional Jazz Dance Company”. Engaged by the energy of the dance, the dancer Warren Heyes and Terry Monaghan decided to create the Jiving Lindy Hoppers and investigate more about the Lindy Hop.
– 1984 Ryan Francois joins Jiving Lindy Hoppers
– 1985 The Jiving Lindy Hoppers travel to New York to meet Al Minns, to discover that he is in the hospital and not much time left. Through Mama Lou Parks, they meet Alfred “Pepsi” Bethel (yes, the Tranky Doo) and they learn from him.

Terry(seated) in the studio with Norma Miller, Lindy Hop pioneer, on his second trip to New York in 1985

– 1986 London Swing Dance Society is created.