Pingo-Let-Us Weekend

23-24-25 Febr 2018

3ª Edition: “Fast & Furious”. Hot Swingin’ Rythms countdown:









Do you like air-steps? Do you want to dance faster than the Road Runner? We are organizing this event full of workshops parties with live music and a lot of fun. With professional dancers who will teach you how to really dance fast step by step. Do you enjoy when you see jam circles at parties? In the “jam circles” classes, we will learn to enter and leave the circle with style, putting our best steps in rhythm just in the center! You will not need to be a circus acrobat to give your first aerial. Try our 2 hours air-steps extra lessons and you will lose the fear of this subject or if you already know some work on them.

About us

Pingo-Let-Us is organized thanks to the volunteer work of SwingOn Aragón non-profit association. Our goal is to spread and promote the culture of Swing along Aragón (Spain) and we are supported by subscriptions and donations from our members. We always try be on tight budget. By the way, you can also participate and get involved Join us at For more information write to:


Leo & Roser

From Rome, Italy, Leonardo began his career as a dancer at the age of 13. In addition to his strong focus and studies at Lindy Hop, he also teaches Blues, Authentic Jazz and St Louis Shag. Leonardo believes that learning about various dance styles allows a greater understanding and awareness of body movement and, therefore, a better understanding and connection with the other person during the dance as a couple. He has been traveling, performing, competing and attending dance classes of the best international Swing dancers around the world developing his own style. In love with dancing since she was 3, circus enthusiast since she was 12, Roser started dancing Lindy Hop in 2012. Since then her passion has led her to dedicate herself 100% to Swing, teaching simultaneously in several schools in Barcelona and in national and international festivals. He is eager to share his technique and emotion with the dancers of Zaragoza.

David del Barrio Quartet

We are proud to introduce you our local Frank Sinatra. The “voice” that has made people vibrate at “Jazz al Margen” Festival, along with usual supects as Carlos Calvo Martinez and his band. They join their talents together on a polished and stylish bunch of musicians.

Ankle Busters

A swing band specially designed to make you dance. Maybe also and a machine to destroy joints. You will dance your ass off!


We have the pleasure of having with us these 3 connoisseurs of music that drives us crazy: Dj Q by ZaraSwing, Dj Mikel by Cotton Tales and Dj Tantos by Swing & Co.



Friday and saturday parties will take place in the Gran Hotel (5 Joaquín Costa Street). Right in the inner center of Zaragoza. The hotel was open up by King Alfonso XIII and the building was designed by Madrid-born architect Antonio Rubio in 1929. He earned the nickname “the house of the famous”: Ava Gardner and Walt Disney are two of the Hollywood stars who stayed there. Do not miss the opportunity to dance as wild and carefree like we were in the roaring ’20s.

The venue for the Sunday Carajillo Party is on The Secret restaurant, (Emperador Carlos V Square).


Classes on Saturday and Sunday will be held in the majestic “Circular Room” of the C.D.M. Gran Vía (Domingo Miral 15 Street). The C.D.M. Gran Vía is the old Equestrian Society and the hall is located in the central building, of architectural interest for being a villa of the early twentieth century rationalist style. The room is awesome for dancing.

Gran Hotel

The Secret

Carajillo Party
Emperador Carlos V Square

CMD Gran Via



19:45-21:30 Gran Hotel Lessons
21:30-02:00 Gran Hotel taster and Party


10:30-14:00 CDM Gran Via Lessons

17:00-19:00 CDM Gran Via Airsteps

22:00-02:00 Gran Hotel taster and Party


11:00-14:00 CDM Gran Via Lessons
14:30-20:00 The Secret Carajillo Party


Choose among the dance menus we have prepared the one that most appeals to you

If you have been dancing for less than a year or you are still uncomfortable, the “Cubs pass” is for you. Pingo-Let-Us emerged as an airsteps workshop. We offer the TWO hours airsteps extra so you can test or repeat this routines, that belong to the ver root of the Lindy Hop (even is in the “hop” part of the name itself)

Full pass

99€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

6h of lessons
Three parties
Live music

Relaxed pass

69€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

3h of lessons
Three parties
Live music

Cubs pass

55€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

1.5h of lessons
Three parties
Live music

Party pass


38€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

Three parties
Live music


Fly pass


20€ SwingOn members

and twinned associations

Add the Fly Pass to your menu! 2 extra hours of airsteps. We will learn accessible air-steps from the safety and experience of specialists as well as to use them appropriately. You will NOT rotate partner in class.

Sunday meal


Help us reserve a place on Sunday for the meal followed by… “Carajillo” Party!

Some final words

Air-steps are an essential part of the history of Lindy Hop and we work hard to maintain, enjoy and transmit that tradition. The first air-step in a competition at the Savoy Ballroom was created in the final part of 1935 and came as the result of “Shorty” George Snowden called the “King of Lindy Hop” challenged the “Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers”. Thus begins the story told in the first person by its very own protagonist, Frankie Manning. Pingo-Let-Us Weekend have subtitled the entire video to Spanish. We encourage you to listen to Frankie: his story is hilarious, epic and authentic.